about us

     Malcolm X once said, "Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today." We at Trailblazer Academy Consultant Services know this to be true and know that if our young children don't have this passport, they will have a life full of limits.

     At Trailblazer Academy Consultant Services, we see every child as greatness destined for great things, and learning within academia is their guide. We see ourselves as a group of teachers and leaders who want to change the minds and lives of our children, who are our most valuable resources.

     In supporting our communities and learning institutions with an all-inclusive approach to teaching and learning, Trailblazer Academy Consultant Services is in a position to provide a wealth of opportunities for students and teachers to work with our learning strategies and learning systems that are researched-based, rigorous, comprehensive, and, most importantly, encourage innovation within their classrooms. We think it's the job of educational institutions to make tools and systems that are inclusive of all students.


We are a new class of entities bringing new paradigms to achieve a new level of results in developing human capital, that is healthy, educated and responsible.

We are universal, neutral, and driven by Love & Light.

We believe safe, educated children following a universal code of conduct are the foundation for a society’s best future.

We believe in solutions that generate results. We believe in the power of new paradigms to replace old non-working ones that affect change and create results. We do not believe in continuing old paradigms that have been proven to be distorted and ineffective. We are committed to bringing the best available, proven, and effective tools and resources in health and education to our future generations.

We are fully committed and shall forever be great stewards of resources entrusted to us by our humanitarian benefactors. We do not tolerate the abuse of children, financial irregularities, fraud, or any type of criminal or dishonest behavior within our organization or any organization associated with us.

We follow the same code of conduct we require from anyone associated with our organization.

Our global mission requires love, compassion, understanding, integrity, persistence, and courage. As an organization, we shall live by these qualities, so that our future generations can live a better and more productive life and create a better future for their communities, countries and the world as a whole.